Dr. Hallowell's

ADHD Family Summer Camp, and
Advanced Family Summer Camp


Glen Arbor, MI

July 15 - 20, 2018




Details for Family and Advanced Camps 2018 are coming soon and plan to be posted by November 30, 2017. In the meantime, feel free to read below about this wonderfully helpful family experience! 

A summer camp like none other. Families will learn, connect, and adventure together in the most beautiful place in America, the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  

Dr Hallowell and Rob Himburg have created a one-of-a-kind weeklong camp for families. Children and parents attend separate morning sessions throughout the week, then have the afternoon and evenings to spend together. Dr Hallowell works with the parents and Rob works with the children. Parents participate in a highly interactive discussion-based seminar with Dr Hallowell, while the children work and play in a highly experiential adventure learning program created by Rob. The combination of the parallel programs can have an exponential growth effect for families - transforming past patterns and opening the way for better communication, understanding and connection.

From childhood through adulthood, ADHD can present both difficult dilemmas as well as unique opportunities for change, growth and success. Dr Hallowell's goal is to help people master the power of ADHD while avoiding its pitfalls. When the diagnosis of ADHD emphasizes what is wrong with a person, that person immediately starts to see himself in negative terms. Shame, fear and self-doubt grow. However, when the treatment of ADHD begins with an effort to find what is good and useful and powerful in a person and ferrets out their often hidden talents while emphasizing what's valuable, then the person sees him or herself in a positive light. 

When explaining ADHD to a child, Dr Hallowell says, "You have a turbo charged mind - like a Ferrari engine, but you have the brakes of a bicycle. Don't worry, though, because Rob and I are brake experts." When ADHD is properly treated, the person can fulfill their dreams and succeed in whatever ways their talents lead them. Many doctors, lawyers, CEO's, inventors, actors, writers, explorers, entrepreneurs and innovators in diverse fields all have the trait so misleadingly called ADHD. 

Interweaving introductory information with advanced material based on a strength-based approach to diagnosis and treatment, these seminars will show you how to unwrap the gifts of ADHD and how people who have ADHD can succeed at the very highest levels.



To discuss camp and how you and your family may benefit from this experience, call Sue Hallowell, LSCW: (781) 820-0881

For Registration and details Leading up to camp, contact:
Marise Rowell, LCPC
(406) 579-2836



To Be Determined, and will include most meals!

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Daily schedule

July 15 - 20, 2018

Sunday Evening Welcome Reception through Conference ending at Noon on Friday. 


What Parents are saying about last year's camp:

"This experience was fantastic for both my kids and myself. We all learned so much and enjoyed meeting the other families and spending time in such a beautiful setting." 

"It was a fantastic experience and will foster deep discussions with my son regarding his ADHD for a long time to come." 

"If you are questioning whether or not to go, GO!"




Dr Hallowell will meet daily with parents on a range of topics including: 

Rob will meet daily with students.

Drawing on twenty years of experience as a school director, counselor, coach and teacher, Rob brings expert knowledge and skills to working with students who are intelligent, creative and unique learners. Rob has guided hundreds of young people through a highly specialized adventure learning program rooted in a strengths-based and holistic approach to understanding intelligence.

Building strong connections through fun and challenging learning adventures, students find their natural intelligences and learn to apply their strengths in all aspects of life. Learning adventures bring students outside the traditional classroom setting to observe, practice and learn in the dynamic environments around them. Learning is accelerated when students are immersed in environments that foster problem solving, creative thinking, collaboration, determination and resilience. 

Students love Rob’s unconditional regard for their well being combined with a highly individualized plan for developing the academic and social skills they are looking for. Rob practices a holistic approach to helping students - incorporating nutrition, activity, sleep and mindfulness with core academic skill building. Whether coaching students to create and maintain systems of organization, guiding a student toward the right college choice or collaborating with a college graduate to launch their career, Rob brings a positive and pragmatic approach focused on tangible results. 

Students can expect to gain new insights and awareness for improving: 

  • organization

  • time management

  • study strategies

  • homework routines

  • advocacy skills 

  • concentration

  • memory

  • follow through


Examples of Learning Adventure activities: 

  • kayaking

  • biking

  • cooking

  • beach and forest hikes

  • group games

Please choose the "quantity" to match the number of family members attending. Be sure to add the necessary information for all participants. Thank you! 

Cancellation Policy

$100 deposit is non refundable. Remaining balance is refunded 100% until June 15th, 2018. A 50% refund given between June 18th - July 2nd. No refund after July 3rd, 2018. 



You can also call (978) 287-0810 to register. 


Advanced ADHD Summer Family Camp

The Advanced Camp is open to all families who have previously attended the week long camp. 

Welcome Reception: For all campers on Sunday, July 16 @ 5:30pm. 

Advanced Camp Dates: 1:00-3:00pm on July 17, 18 and 19

Location: The Homestead Resort on the shores of Lake Michigan in Glen Arbor

Tuition: $650 per person

Parents: 2 hours a day with Dr. Hallowell

Youth: 2 hours a day with Rob Himburg

All Campers: Experiential Activities 3:30-5:30pm. Fees included in the tuition. 

Parents: New advanced topics: 

1) What's new with nutrition; medication and non-medication treatments; 

2) How to develop parenting strategies that can de-escalate unwanted behaviors and defuse family struggles;

3) How to make the transition to middle school, high school, and then the big one, college; 

4) How to identify and develop strengths; 

5) How to develop empathy; manage usage of electronics; control compulsive activities and potential addictions; 

6) How to avoid common pitfalls in dating and choosing romantic partners;

7) How to work with teens who refuse treatment;

8) All Your Specific questions will get answered by Dr. Hallowell.


Youth: New advanced topics: 

 - Passion: finding purpose, using strengths to build skills  

 - Wellness: nutrition, sleep, mindfulness and play as critical agents for success

 - Growth: building and sustaining an open mindset for learning, change and growth

- New Activities: geared to help kids learn and enjoy how they learn.


Have questions before you can decide? Please contact

Sue Hallowell at 781-820-0881 or at

With all best wishes,

Ned and Rob

Family Fun Adventure Activities! 

Beach BBQ, Games and Swimming!


Monday, 7/17 from 5-7pm.

Beach BBQ!

Head on over to the campus of Leelanau School (walking distance from the Homestead) for a proper up north Michigan Summer BBQ. Leelanau School has a beautiful dining hall, bonfire area and gorgeous Lake Michigan beach frontage. A lifeguard will be on duty for swimmers and beach games will be available for everyone to play. 

Dinner includes: hot dogs, burgers, potatoes, slaw, salads, juice, soda, water and all the fixings. Veggie dogs and burgers available as well as gluten free buns. 

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Family Bike night!
from 20.00

Tuesday, 7/18  Starts at 4:00pm (bikes back by 8:00pm) 

Family Bike Ride on the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail! 

A picture perfect way to explore the natural beauty of Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, there is a wonderful new biking trail that runs right past the Homestead Resort. We will have bikes and helmets delivered and start our ride from the resort. The trail is an easy to moderate ride that takes you through the woods, across meadows, to panoramic vistas and - for the most adventurous - all the way to the lake for a refreshing dip! 

bike type:
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Beach Bards Bonfire - Songs, Poems and Storytelling


Thursday, 7/20 from 8-10pm.  

Stay up Late for the Beach Bards Bonfire Night!

This long beloved summer tradition is not to be missed. Join master storyteller, poet and musician Norm Wheeler for a night of entertainment around the bonfire at Leelanau School. Norm and friends will bring thirty years of storytelling, songs and poetry to enchant and inspire the bard in all of us. Have a song, poem or story you love to tell? This is your night, as participation is highly encouraged! 

Budding astronomers should stick around after the bonfire to view the night sky through a 14” Celestron telescope at the Lanphier Observatory just a few steps away. Amazing! 

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Each meal is $10 per person. Please include all meals by all family members in your total.