Rob will meet daily with students.

Drawing on twenty years of experience as a school director, counselor, coach and teacher, Rob brings expert knowledge and skills to working with students who are intelligent, creative and unique learners. Rob has guided hundreds of young people through a highly specialized adventure learning program rooted in a strengths-based and holistic approach to understanding intelligence.

Building strong connections through fun and challenging learning adventures, students find their natural intelligences and learn to apply their strengths in all aspects of life. Learning adventures bring students outside the traditional classroom setting to observe, practice and learn in the dynamic environments around them. Learning is accelerated when students are immersed in environments that foster problem solving, creative thinking, collaboration, determination and resilience. 

Students love Rob’s unconditional regard for their well being combined with a highly individualized plan for developing the academic and social skills they are looking for. Rob practices a holistic approach to helping students - incorporating nutrition, activity, sleep and mindfulness with core academic skill building. Whether coaching students to create and maintain systems of organization, guiding a student toward the right college choice or collaborating with a college graduate to launch their career, Rob brings a positive and pragmatic approach focused on tangible results. 

Students can expect to gain new insights and awareness for improving: 

  • organization

  • time management

  • study strategies

  • homework routines

  • advocacy skills 

  • concentration

  • memory

  • follow through


Examples of Learning Adventure activities: 

  • kayaking

  • biking

  • cooking

  • beach and forest hikes

  • group games