Advanced ADHD Summer Family Camp

The Advanced Camp is open to all families who have previously attended the week long camp. 

Welcome Reception: For all campers on Sunday, July 16 @ 5:30pm. 

Advanced Camp Dates: 1:00-3:00pm on July 17, 18 and 19

Location: The Homestead Resort on the shores of Lake Michigan in Glen Arbor

Tuition: $650 per person

Parents: 2 hours a day with Dr. Hallowell

Youth: 2 hours a day with Rob Himburg

All Campers: Experiential Activities 3:30-5:30pm. Fees included in the tuition. 

Parents: New advanced topics: 

1) What's new with nutrition; medication and non-medication treatments; 

2) How to develop parenting strategies that can de-escalate unwanted behaviors and defuse family struggles;

3) How to make the transition to middle school, high school, and then the big one, college; 

4) How to identify and develop strengths; 

5) How to develop empathy; manage usage of electronics; control compulsive activities and potential addictions; 

6) How to avoid common pitfalls in dating and choosing romantic partners;

7) How to work with teens who refuse treatment;

8) All Your Specific questions will get answered by Dr. Hallowell.


Youth: New advanced topics: 

 - Passion: finding purpose, using strengths to build skills  

 - Wellness: nutrition, sleep, mindfulness and play as critical agents for success

 - Growth: building and sustaining an open mindset for learning, change and growth

- New Activities: geared to help kids learn and enjoy how they learn.


Have questions before you can decide? Please contact

Sue Hallowell at 781-820-0881 or at

With all best wishes,

Ned and Rob