Dr. Hallowell's Program Details

Dr. Hallowell will meet daily with parents on a range of topics including:

New Campers 

Returning Campers 

1) What's new with nutrition; medication and non-medication treatments; 

2) How to develop parenting strategies that can de-escalate unwanted behaviors and defuse family struggles;

3) How to make the transition to middle school, high school, and then the big one, college; 

4) How to identify and develop strengths; 

5) How to develop empathy; manage usage of electronics; control compulsive activities and potential addictions; 

6) How to avoid common pitfalls in dating and choosing romantic partners;

7) How to work with teens who refuse treatment;

8) All Your Specific questions will get answered by Dr. Hallowell

9) PLUS skill development from Sue Hallowell, LCSW, and Marise Rowell, LCPC, on increasing emotional intelligence and tolerance to reduce emotional dys-regulation.